Since the dawn of humanity, the gods have been with us. Some have meddled and others have merely observed, but their transcendent nature has always been known. However, even the gods are not truly immortal—they fade with time. As men stop believing in them, the gods begin to fade away, drifting into nothingness. Such oblivion is not always the end, at least not for beings as powerful as the gods themselves. Some manage to survive, in a sense, passing down their power through generations of mortal descendants until the time comes when their ineffable might can once again bloom.

You are one of them: a god. Or perhaps you might yet be.

Right now, you are still mostly human—clay and breath, with the slimmest spark of divine fire hiding inside. Your ancient memories of glory, power, and majesty are dim, kept from you by the weight of ages past. Your symbols and sigils have been stripped from you, cast across the world by time and fate. Your divinity is weak for now, an ember that could be snuffed out by chance or malice. Your true name is nearly forgotten by all but yourself.

And yet. And yet.

You could be more. You could shake the pillars of heaven and earth with your might. You could bring back magic to a world that has forgotten it, traded miracles for the cold comfort of reason. You could bring nations to their knees in adoration—or terror.
You are a god, reborn into the world of man. You were mighty once—and you could be so again. Tell your story. Build your legend. Gather your followers. Show the world your power.

Become reborn.